San Bernardino Appliance Repair Call 888-851-2811 to schedule repair
Call 888-851-2811 to schedule repair Call 888-851-2811 to schedule repair
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Perhaps itís a Tuesday morning when you open the refrigerator to be greeted with a surprising lack of refrigeration. Maybe it is a Saturday afternoon as you stand ankle deep in a fresh pond- that your washing machine just installed in the laundry room. Or, worst of all, maybe itís the middle of the night when you are jarred awake by what sounds like your heater throwing its transmission. What do you do? Donít worry, now you ďknow a guy.Ē

San Bernardino Appliance Repair is your go-to for any appliance issue in your home or business. Fully licensed, SB Appliance Repair has been serving the greater San Bernardino community with quality work that is fast and affordable since 1971. We can service or repair most any make or model of all of the appliances you depend on in your home, including:

Refrigerators / Freezers
Washers / Dryers
Stoves / Ranges / Ovens
Central Heaters & Air Conditioners
Garbage Disposals / Trash Compactors
Ice Machines / Ice Makers



SB Appliance Repair also offers our full range of services to commercial locations as well. Small businesses can finally have a maintenance staff on-call at a momentís notice. We are ready and able to take care of most any appliance in your business.

Walk-in Coolers / Freezers
Coin- and Card-Operated Washers / Dryers
Stoves / Ranges / Ovens / Convection Ovens
Heaters / Water Heaters & AC
Freezers / Refrigerators / Salad Bars / Sandwich Tables
Wine Coolers / Wine Cabinets / Beer Coolers / Kegerators
Flower Coolers
Ice Machines / Ice Makers

And you donít have to wait for something to go wrong to give us a call. Your appliances should be serviced regularly for best energy usage and performance. A properly maintained appliance runs more efficiently and helps to keep your energy bills lower. We are happy to talk to you about scheduling regular maintenance for the appliances that work hard for you.

Our friendly and experienced crew of skilled repairmen are waiting to hear from you. Whether itís taking care of that mystery noise, resurrecting your freezer from the dead or keeping your furnace running at its best we are here for you.

Give us a call today to take care of all of your appliance repair needs.


Remember, whatever happens- you ďknow a guy.Ē

Better Business Bureau Member

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