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Household Washing Machine Repair

Your washing machine might just be the most intimidating appliance in your home. For as simple as it seems to be, asking someone to figure out what is wrong with their washing machine will usually bring up blank stares and beads of sweat. No matter the brand- Maytag, Whirlpool, LG, Westinghouse or any of the other most popular brands- the universal take is that you simply canít fix them.

The truth is, while calling in a professional is always a good idea for big jobs- there are things that you can fix right now- that will save you headaches and money. Once you try some of these tricks- then you can know it is really time to call the repair man.

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The Washing Machine is Dancing Across the Floor

This is a scary one, because it can mean a big problem with the mounting of the drum- or it can just be a lack of balance. Think of it like a ceiling fan- when it isnít leveled when hung- it will vibrate and thatís why your Saturday afternoon project sounds like the last chopper out of Vietnam. So before you give up on your washer- try these tips.

  • Make sure the machine is level- Did you know the feet on your machine adjust? Check this first and see if your machine tilts to either side when you try to shake it. If it does- adjust the feet (which screw in like bolts) and try to achieve a better balance. You can even just put something under there temporarily to check for this solution, before really getting under there.
  • Examine your laundry load: The most common problem with loud and shaky loads is an off-balance load, or over loaded machine. Often, too much has shifted to one side and thrown it out of whack, or you just have too much in. This happens a lot with towels and blankets. Try shifting the load or removing some items and see if that works.

Every Load Ends with a Wet Floor

If you are always seeing little puddles after a wash cycle, donít panic. It doesnít have to mean a leak internally; it could just be something you can adjust.

  • Check the water intake on the back of the machine. Examine the hoses and see if there is water on them. If there is, then remove the hose and check that you have white plumbers tape in place. It is a type of fusion tape that is very then, but creates a seal within the threads.
  • Check the actual intakes. After a lot of use, mineral deposits can form on the screen in the pipe. This screen keeps deposits from forming inside the machine and can easily be cleaned out with an old toothbrush.

If you are still seeing water on the floor, then it might be time to call in the pros. Hopefully a close look at these two very common problems can give you the confidence to master the daily maintenance of your appliance. However, unless you repair them for a living- you will eventually find yourself out of your depth. That is when it is time to call the pros. Past a certain point of repair, you are asking for trouble trying to do it yourself. Give us call at (888) 851-2811 to find out exactly what is going on, or click here to submit service appointment request today.

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